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A small portion to a bigger story in the works

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My apologies first off, for joining a while back and not having posted anything of my own just yet. So I shall fix that right now.

This is not the actual title to the story in the works, mind you.

Small warning, there is some harsh language within

The warehouse was about as silent as it was going to get. There were the usual noises that most empty buildings made, the kind that kept you on your toes and alert. Somewhere, there came the fluttering of the wings of damn pigeons up high in the rafters. It always baffled me that pigeons could always make a situation creepier by just being inside a building. Hell, I hated this whole set up even.

With my back pressed up against a wall, I took a deep breath in to slowly let it out, making no sound in the process. Yes, I'd done this before, countless times even. But this case was different, this one I wasn't allowed to use any of my other "abilities" to track or he would run. He had the talent for it as well. Lovely. That just made this whole thing stink even more. Gods...I needed a vacation badly.

The weight of my modified gun felt comforting in my hands. I loved this goddamn gun, way it felt, how it fired. Yeah this was cold love right here in my hands. This baby was going to get to see some action tonight, I could tell. I moved a few steps closer to the main part of the warehouse, being aware of the sound of my overcoat made against the wall, the barely percitable sound of my boots on the cement floor, even the creaking of my leather gloves as I had flexed my fingers around the handle of my weapon. Subtle sounds, but if the guy I was hunting down was well trained, he would pick up on them.

A sound of a heavy foot stopping just around the corner from me. Oh how I ached just to spread out just a little with my senses to tell if it was him. I had my back up against the wall once more, my head turned towards the junction, my breathing so tightly controlled that one would think I wasn't breathing at all. I kept my weapon at my side, out of immediate sight, just in case this actaully might go a diiferent and easier way.

I could hear him breathing hard. He literally was just right around the corner from me. In fact all he had to do was reach around and we would probably touch. It was then that I "felt" him. He was searching for me with his own abilites. I watched as his rather rugged and good looking face peered around the corner, his strange coloured eyes locking on mine immediately and a twisted smile started to spread across his lips.

I cocked my gun and aimed. Yeah this is how I say Fuck You Asshole in a whole different way. I just quirked a brow at him and gave a little smile of my own.

"Check Mate, mother fucker. I dare you to make a move."
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